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Monday, July 31, 2017

Quantum Split - America (2017)

Written by Michael Saulman, posted by blog admin

Quantum Split’s two song EP America might be a brief recording, but contains enough power and musical inventiveness for a full length album. The four piece based out of the New York City area has established themselves as a memorable live act thanks to appearances in venues like Irving Plaza and the Gramercy Theatre, but they have branched out and are currently bringing their unique confluence of musical influences to the nation as a whole. Lead singer and songwriter Soleil Laurent is a star in the making whose voice can move from gentle delicacy into lung-busting passion within an eye blink and her band mates are clearly talented musicians with the ability to follow their songs wherever the Muse may take them. They are as equally at home with cerebral, patient musical passages as they are full on guitar workouts.

“America” begins things with some of the aforementioned patient, cerebral development. The melodies coming through during the opening of the title track are played with a great touch and one must commend Adrian Read, in particular, for his first class job of scene setting. Laurent’s voice, when it comes in, has the quality of a lone voice singing in the wilderness and her passion is unquestionable. Just as unquestionable is her skill set – she has ample power, but her phrasing is smart and makes the most of the lyrical content. The lyrics are conversational in tone, but it’s clear she wants to relate to her audience’s experience of living in Donald Trump’s America and the inspiring slant to her message is a welcome antidote to some poison pill in musical form where she blasts and rages, sound and fury signifying nothing, until we lose all interest. Read’s lead guitar work during the song’s raucous second half deserves mention, but it wouldn’t have near the impact it does if it wasn’t for the spot on rhythm section interplay between drummer Anthony Anderson and bassist Ivan Hardy.

“Runaway” has a more downcast air, but it gives Quantum Split a chance to show off a different side of their musical personality. This is a much more “orchestrated” affair than the title cut and the band do an exemplary job of shifting the musical demeanor while keeping it sounding utterly seamless throughout. Laurent emerges from this song as a surprisingly adept blues singer, but she also continues to prove her rock mettle with another invigorating and gripping rock vocal. Despite alternating musical moods, Read’s lead guitar steps much more to the fore here and he throws in a number of hot licks that never distract from the song, but add to it instead. Quantum Split is just the shot in the arm that big time rock and roll needs in 2017 and their socially and politically conscious message never subvert their musical mission.

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